In his latest book, The Honeymoon Effect, cellular biologist and bestselling author Bruce Lipton, explains that the majority of our perceptions, decisions and actions are driven by our subconscious minds.

He talks about the difference between our conscious and subconscious minds in that our conscious minds are creative and contain our wishes, desires and connection to the Divine. When you are present, focused and mindful you are operating from your conscious mind.

Our subconscious minds are neutral and are essentially the ‘processor’ of our programming (can be likened to a computer program). Generally speaking, our subconscious minds record every-thing that we see, hear, feel and experience from birth to the age of 7 (our formative years). In the early years, there is no filtering mechanism, so essentially we are programmed with other people’s behaviour, and events that have a strong emotional charge, take priority. This programming in our formative years becomes the foundation of our belief systems and the basis of how we interpret the world (our world view).

Our conscious and subconscious minds work and learn in different ways. Whilst our conscious mind is rational, logical and includes our wishes and intentions, our subconscious minds at times can be limited and self-sabotaging, like a three year old that having a temper tantrum!

If we consciously decide to make a change in our lives and yet can’t seem to make the change lasting, reverting back to our old behaviour, it’s because the good old subconscious mind is running old programs. Clearly we need to change our subconscious programming to enjoy lasting results and it helps to understand how our subconscious minds work in order to do this.

As adults, when our minds wander or we are not fully present and mindful, our conscious minds ‘switch off’ and we default into our subconscious programming which is a form of Self-Hypnosis. To illustrate the point: you are on automatic (in your subconscious mind) when you reach your destination and can’t remember how you drove there; you are on automatic when your mind wanders; you are on automatic when you go through your morning or evening routine (which is why you panic, not knowing if you left the stove on) and you are on automatic when you go through life without getting centered, present and grounded during the day. In fact: most of us spend 95% of our day on automatic and letting our subconscious run the show.

Our subconscious mind manifests our lives to match our programming so if we spend most of our time on automatic, it is no wonder that we struggle to keep New Year’s resolutions; fall off the wagon with our bad habits and can’t seem to stay on track to make any meaningful changes in our lives.

So, how do we take our power back from our subconscious so we can experience the life we want? The answer is simple Hypnotherapy is a way  of staying present and aligned with your goal through training your subconscious with new habits until they become your automatic behaviour.

Always remember that your life matches your beliefs and you get what you subconsciously expect out of life. If you are not happy with an aspect of your life, the answers lie in your subconscious.

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