Whenever I become caught up in circumstances and situations that leave me feeling worried, overwhelmed or depressed, I have placed in my memory bank a subconscious reminder to return my attention back to the present moment. For me, this is a mental note to ask myself, “is this a heavy or light thought?”

If the answer comes back as heavy then I know that I am about to engage in a non-serving story of judgement and limitation. So what do you do when you realize that you are focused on circumstances, or  lost in a story around how bad things were or how terrible its going to be?

First, gently applaud yourself for noticing. Your ability to master your attention is a powerful part and first step towards changing your life. With non-attachment, you are able to surrender the subject you found yourself focusing on – a relationship, finances, an upcoming event – to the angels and/or God. They will take care of it. You can trust them (This is faith in action). Then steer your attention onto what you are wishing to happen, moving your energy from worry and concern (heavy) to hopeful (light). Surrender this to the Angels and/or God. Ask them for their help. Then, ask them for guided action steps for you to take. Gratefully receive, and then take action. This process shifts you into a space of relaxed power, which is the same energy as Trust.

‘Surrender, Surrender’…

Surrender is a powerful act. It has nothing to do with giving up or defeat. It is the conscious act of giving a concern or worry over to your guides/angels and allowing them to help you – your spiritual teams just love being given a job to do! Asking for help is always a powerful act, as it makes your world bigger by including others.