December 2018 (1+2+2+0+1+8) = A Numerology Universal Month of 14/5 

Oh what a Warm welcome to you De* LIGHT * ful December dressed in all your Charm of Glitz & Glamour:

Here to entice and excite us with Your Adventuring, Peter Pan, Wonderland, Fabulous, Quick shifting, Beguiling Sexy 5 energy!

Some of us though may feel we barely made it out alive through  November (11),  having also survived a whole YEAR lit up by MASTER number 11’s  intense illuminating energy! You may not feel like donning your PARTY gear, especially if you have been  chomping at the bit to get out from under whatever has been holding you hostage to ‘11’ energy…  be it a situation, your beliefs, your fears, or something else.

GOOD NEWS though…

We are PIVOTING, People!

Meet ” FIVE” Our Party Designer of Fun, Freedom & Flexibility!

Party Designer ‘FIVE’  is on hand. Look at the shape of 5 you can see that she faces left (the past) at the bottom and right (the future) at the top.She has two straight lines & a curved line that looks like a rocker, representing  a new beginning of some kind. As a Party designer she is highly informed, she sure has a bag of party tricks this month for us. She  knows everything about…

Freedom, Flexibility, Adventure, Travel, Communication, Romance, Curiosity, Adaptability, Versatility & being Free-spirited.

One of the things, I love most about our party girl ‘FIVE’, is she will leave you feeling optimistic, expecting good news, focusing on positive outcomes. Looking out for exciting advantages! A JOY- FILLED 30 days awaits you as you get to trim the Tree & deck your halls with Holly & ‘FIVE’ on hand, to advise!

Career, Travel, LOVE, Relations, Friendship, Home Environment will all be under her scrutiny, with that oh so sneaky karmic debt (KD) of ‘14/5’along for the  Sleigh ride!! The  Reindeer’s ubering your sleigh across the Skies of Change, are Flexibility, Adaptability, Trickster, Romance, Mercury , Mischief , Mindful + Magic!

‘Five’ being the brilliant, talented, fabulous PARTY designer that she is, will invite you to do things that make you feel free and alive this month, as ‘Five’ loves Romance and Adventure… and Travel. So how can you bring some of this delicious energy into your December?

‘Five’ is going to be BIG on Communication this month, it’s all about that throat chakra sweetie! Be mindful of what you Thinking & Talking about! (you know the old saying – from your lips to God’s ears!).

‘JINGLE BELLS, Jingle bells jingle all the way’. ‘Five’ likes hanging out with the MEDIA & PAPARAZZI, she will dance you along the red carpet, delighting you with all kinds of performances & creative expressions. Entertainment is her thing! So all you writers /actors & musicians out there, tap into your Muse and let it flow!

If you are being a bit of a party pooper, blaming& boring a& being DRAMATIC  on every level why not travel to Peter Pan’s Winter Wonderland?

Here, snowy, twinkly landscapes offer you different vistas and views. BLESSING you with different perspectives.

(Did you know that the word, Peter Pan adds up to a 5!)

When you get to WONDER-land… Use phrases like these to sparkle new ideas, insights and perspectives:

“I wonder what might really be going on here…”

“I wonder what this might really be about…”

“I wonder what this might be trying to teach me…”

“I wonder why I am feeling ___ (whatever you’re feeling)”

Now let’s talk about the MISCHIEF MAKER – Number 5 is ruled by Mercury& don’t forget that sneaky KD 14/5 (the drugs, sex, rock & roll number!)

With KD 14/5& Mercury activated in December – you may struggle to complete tasks. Delays, Distractions &  Miscommunications may all be part of the adventure! Just take extra care, with mischief maker planet Mercury, out to play. Be mindful of communications with yourself & others,as well as how are you receiving & interpreting words & messages!

Trickster planet Mercury will certainly remind you to have a sense of humor. When things go wrong, instead of stressing, lighten up & laugh and remind yourself not to take things too seriously. Be aware that schedules and plans are likely to change at a moment’s notice!

If you love to plan out your days and month –  this month, allow for flexibility, as appointments may shift with the breeze.

Allow CHANGE to be your BFF this month, invite childlike wonder into your life to help you see things in a different way.

Make ‘Go with the flow’ – your GO to Magical Mantra  – Your life will be richer, less stressful & your body will love you for that!

Should Mercury deliver high heels of MISCHIEF to you this month, how  are you going to roll with it. You get to decide that!

Surround yourself with people who bring out the SUNSHINE  in you.

Avoid all things toxic, unkind and chaotic as “Five” is known to bring along some of her  dark, drama Queen, seductive energy.

Remember there’s always got to be some contrast in life!

Being a party month… our ‘FIVE ” can take you the edge, so be sure to avoid mind-altering substances, alcohol, drugs, all those seducers that steal your LIGHT! Urgh – KD14/5 is all about that.

It takes courage to trust yourself. Rather make friends with & hang out with peeps who want the best for you, not the ones who want to take you down rabbit holes to meet the Mad Hatter!

Be a kind loving human to you, as Peter Pan says ‘’all you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust!

Whatever goes on for you in December, bend with the breezes my lovely, may your sense of purpose and joy be strengthened as you get ready for 2019.

Our fabulous Interior Designer – the royal ‘Prince of Heaven’ – number 19  (symbol of the Sun) is in the HOUSE next year, people!!!

There is something to be said about hanging out with this incredible Master of Light (19) – its going to be a breathtaking year! (more about that next year)

Seasons Blessings upon you Beautiful Soul  as you are nourished by family+ friends at your firesides  of Love.  xo Sharyn xo

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