This is what the work of living is all about. Healing. Forgiveness. Love. Openness. Truth. Peace. When we look at the people and experiences that nearly broke us what if we give a genuine, full body and heart felt thank you…. Invite LOVE in and really feel an intense, overwhelming sense of gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to those who hurt me, breaking me wide open, so I can experience love more fully. Thank you rock bottom for grounding me so I can stand taller. Thank you rejection for guiding me to the right people and experiences. Thank you loneliness for giving me the capacity to appreciate connection, and the desire to brave depth. Thank you sadness, pain, and depression for deepening the range in which I can experience joy and gratitude. We all struggle. We all get hurt. We all make mistakes. And all these things deepen our capacity for amazing love, joy, passion, and fulfilment, if we’re willing to do the work. Consistently. Even when it’s hard. Especially when it seems like all we do is take one step forward, and five crashing steps backwards. Especially then. Don’t give up. Keep doing the beautiful  work..