The WORLD needs a lot of things. What it needs most though, is more LOVE not less!


I offer Support, Insight & Guidance.

SOUL Readings with Me are like a download of LOVE and LIGHT.  You might meet your Angels, Ancestors, Loved Ones, and Spirit Guides, process a big knot of Emotion, release a thousand years of Ancestral Baggage, clear an obnoxiously Persistent Pattern or receive a Powerful Healing from your Spiritual Entourage!

+ Plus +

Hanging out in SOUL Divine Energy will help you FEEL a thousand times better about whatever’s currently showing up in your experience! As an Intuitive SOUL Strategist and Professional Numerologist, I have a talent for seeing through to the core of the thing, seeing exactly what to sift, lift and shift!

Your initial session includes a gorgeous gift from my HEART to your HEART, your very own personalized 20 page LOVE Letter written from your SOUL, either printed or emailed to you.

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Your Magic – Your Light – Your Joy – Your Genius
 – Your Power –

SOUL Readings with me is like Comfort for your Sensitive Soul, Spirit Medicine to your Chakras, a Plug into your Power Sockets, Tinder for your Creative Genius, Divine Connection Swirling you toward your Greatest MANIFESTING Potential PLUS… leaving you feeling so much better about whatever situation or Challenge is in your Life right now!

Your Destiny is Divinely Designed

There’s a reason you were born at a certain time and place. Your BIRTH-day tells about the events that your Soul created so you could realize your purpose, your passion, your greatness. There is a Secret Code – A Beautiful Blueprint that Exists for very Soul Born!

SOUL Readings UNLOCK 7 magical numbers that carry energetic imprints around chosen life lessons, themes, experiences, events , your purpose, SOUL gifts along with Understanding your SOUL Agreements , your karma, your destiny. Nothing is random. Your name is no accident. The vibration of your name carries a reflection of your Soul’s Intention in this lifetime. Are you ready to walk your soul path and understand your soul, your lessons, gifts and purpose?


Download this Free ‘Self-Help Guide’ which will help you create INTENTION with clarity, insight & joy!


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Sharyn Ann McNeil is an Intuitive Soul Coach & Professional ‘Law Of Attraction’ Numerologist. She has spent over 3 decades exploring her spirituality/creativity along with ways to channel those gifts into an abundant and beautiful life. Having studied a degree in Metaphysical Sciences, along with a Healing Touch CHTP certification, is a registered Hypnosis, Grief, & Breathwork Practitioner. She uses her intuitive gifts to support a variety of ways realigning her clients with their Soul’s purpose & blueprint.

Your Life Is A Work Of Heart

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