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Welcome Beautiful Soul

Happy you found your way to my website. If you long to be guided by your intuition and making decisions from the heart, you are in the right place.

I see you!

My DESIRE is to inspire and assist you to create a life that is in alignment with your soul and filled with beauty.

My MISSION is to support you to REMEMBER who you are. I am here to help you in finding clarity in your unique energy flow and frequency, A Session with Me will bring Insight, Comfort, & Clarity.

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Hanging out in Divine Soul energy will help you feel a thousand times better about whatever’s currently showing up in your experience! All sessions are distance sessions and full of support for your soul’s journey.


Your name and birth date carries a specific vibrational imprint of your divine soul, unique frequency, your sacred mission & contribution on this planet. These are known as your…

Knowing your SOUL CODES, through a Numerology reading or Star Seed Origin or Divine by Design will support you to gracefully accelerate your spiritual growth, personal evolution, soul ascension, and the embodiment of your unique divine blueprint, so that you anchor into higher timelines of love, sacred gifts, soul expression, abundance, appreciation and joy.

With all of the sessions I offer (except for SOUL SUPPORT), you will receive a beautifully designed PDF, displaying your Soul Numerology Codes. The PDF fully encoded with the frequencies of your Soul Codes, Vision, Mission and Divine contribution to this planet.

All Follow up sessions, are support sessions.



This session is my most booked, most popular reading, especially if it’s your first time connecting with me. 45 minutes of diving straight into the Heart of YOU, whatever you’re ready to receive, to shift, change, heal or create. This reading is designed to help you understand your blueprint for this incarnation. By determining your personal numbers and learning how to work with them to create change in your life, you activate your numerology blueprint. We will uncover your life purpose, super-powers, and areas of mastery in your life.

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Whatever the issue a soul session can offer solutions. Are you searching for answers, feeling stuck, unsure of which way to turn? Ready for change but don’t know what the next step looks like? Seeking to understand your life and purpose from a spiritual perspective? These sessions use all the tools in my ‘tool box’. This means we may use numerology, oracle cards, medium-ship, clearings & activations! Whether it’s to clear negative energy, increase your vibration, initiate healing, or open your energy field – these sessions are POWERFUL!

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As women, we thrive when we are loved, nurtured & supported. We shine when we are seen, heard, held & celebrated. This session guides you back to your heart, inner wisdom, and sovereignty through unlocking your personal NUMERICAL frequencies found within your name, revealing your wisdom, magic & intuitive gifts. Awakening your Divinity & Soul Power, calling in your deepest power, beauty, intuition & magic, to fully embody your unique design, your power, your purpose & soul gifts that are waiting for YOU!

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Your STARSEED Divine blueprint will reveal through your name and birthdate your Home Star and your mission on Earth. Find out your soul contracts and predominant divine directives for this life, your Archangelic / spiritual lineage, Ascended Masters who are mentoring you, your Soul Ray you manifesting through and your Star-Being heritage. When you remember why you came here and what you came here to accomplish, all that you have gone through in this lifetime begins to make a lot more sense as you Awaken and Remember.

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Also Available On Request

Clinical Hypnosis
Marriage Counseling
Grief & Trauma Assist
Breathwork Release
Process Work
Regression Therapy
*Business Strategy
*Business Coaching
*Business Rescue

All Sessions are conducted long-distance & worldwide via
WhatsApp, Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom, or in Person.

More About Me

Sharyn Ann McNeil is a globally recognized 5D Visionary, Teacher of Transformation, Psychologist, and Activator of human potential.

She holds degrees in Clinical Psychology and Metaphysical Science, a Healing Touch CHTP certification and is a registered Grief, Hypnosis & Breath-work Practitioner. Sharyn is regarded as an expert on Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and Sacred Numerology having served more than 20 years studying, teaching, and counseling in the field of symbols, cycles, and numbers.

Sharyn’s soul mission and passion is to support Souls to activate their Soul Codes and live a life of Divine Service, Abundance & Freedom.

Your Life Is A Work Of Heart

I have been a client of Shaz for about 3 years now and she is the best. She has helped me through some very rough waters. She has given me courage to face what is ahead and even gave me names of books to read to help me understand myself and how to cope with disappointments. She is a true inspiration to anyone that calls her. Also she is very accurate. I love her. Ronel

Thank you for my session, thank you for having the ability and strength to do what you do in order for me to connect with X. it is a beautiful gift you have, thank you for sharing it I was overwhelmed at the session but it has helped me get through this all so much better than I thought I could thank you for that. It was absolutely AMAZING seeing you again, you are a truly gifted soul! My friend that you also read was so overwhelmed, shame, she  cried telling me about her session! My session was SO exhilarating, now my little "Mini me" is DYING to see you again... Like YESTERDAY was too late!

Ronel & Sym

Sharyn just to say what an amazing surreal lovely experience it was with you on Friday and I've spend the whole weekend digesting it... it's like everything I thought intuitively is real. I feel validated and relieved and just so much lighter... thank you so much for such a special gift. Kate

Thank you for an amazing reading…you were so accurate, its almost scary…you hit the nail on the head on so many aspects of my life! The quick visit from my Son was amazing…..and again, every thing he said made so much sense, you described Robbie, from his amazing eyes, to his height, and even his teddy that sits on my shelf. My Life purpose was such a validation, of what I knew deep down…THANK YOU in Love and Light. Lianda

Kate & Lianda

Thank you so much for our session. I feel a lot lighter and not so heavily hearted. You are truly blessed with a gift. Lots of love. Lyn

Thanks so much for such an amazing morning. U are such a special person with an amazing gift, and it was such an honor to see u. Taryn

The more I digest our session and having read my chart, the more grateful I am to have been introduced to you and as I was feeling gratitude towards you a white feather floated down on my balcony! Jennifer

Lyn, Taryn & Jennifer

Everything u said about it being a good year is coming through. We won an award last week and tonight I was interviewed on the radio. Thank you Sharyn. Your positivity and kinds words during our session has been very solid safety net for me this year. Brett

Thank YOU dearest Sharyn! You were such a wonderful affirmation and have helped me to hear my heart once again. With so much love and so many thank you’s for your wonderful heart and gift that you are. Pamela

Brett & Pamela

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and healing. You have no idea how much you have helped me, I slept like a babe last night and I feel strong and positive today. Bless you Sharyn, and I send you light and love. Lyn

You are truly a beautiful soul and your bright light filters through the darkness reaching out to the souls who are ready to find their way to the places where they belong! Thank you for being an Angel of God’s light and for doing His work in such a precious and inimitable way. Di

Lyn & Di

I have to say you are the sweetest soul I have ever met, you brought a lot of joy to me today. Thank you so much for my soul chart, it just so happens I love crystals I have a nice collection and I shall do my best to follow it. You are  a very special lady with so much love and goodness. Belinda

Recently I did the most amazing heart mapping workshop with Sharyn McNeil. I am still tingling with the memory of the creative fun we had. She helped us choose amazing themes for this year and we created ‘touchstones’ with our supporting words on them, and a wonderful vision board. It all came from the heart. It was a truly beautiful experience. She is now doing one on one heart mapping experiences. If it is something you feel you need to do, you can contact her. Tracy

Belinda & Tracy

Sharyn, you were able to accurately pinpoint the source of my discomfort and offer me the opportunity to rise above it. You helped me reconnect with my essence and with my clarity. You showed me truth and love and how to let go of fear. Your beautiful ability to see clearly helped me not to hurt myself and 2 precious others in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dearest Sharyn. Thank you, so much, for the gift you gave me yesterday. Connecting with J, you have both allowed me to open to new beginnings and I am so grateful and honoured. You have an incredible gift to share, and I feel so blessed at your presence in my life. Thank you for helping me know that I am loved, eternally. Namaste, dearest Angel.

Alison & Margret

So my sweet, gentle, teacher, helper and friend, thank you so much for your guidance and teaching, my life will not have moved in this direction if it wasn’t for your gentle hand guiding, teaching, leading, pushing, shoving and walking beside me. You are so special and I am honoured to have been able to call you my friend… Jen

Thank you my reading which I think sums me up completely, even to my dad coming through. It has shed light on areas of my life where I know I have problems with and now will be able to work through the struggles etc. You were just what I needed at this time in my life. Love Di

Jen & Di

How blessed I am to have had your amazing friendship and guidance from the day my Teegs and Dyl died. It was you, who had sadly walked the path just 15 months before me, who held my hand and led me to the acceptance I feel now. Your wise guidance helped me plan the most amazing “Celebration of their Lives” and all this way down the road, I still have no regrets that it wasn’t just perfect. It was you who gave me the strength to kick of my off my shoes and connect with the path I had to walk. I that was so literal, remember, I couldn’t wear shoes for at least 3 months. It is so true, I miss them every day but you gave me the strength to be able to live my life, and love, and laugh and be happy while never forgetting my angels. I believe they walk beside me now… they never did leave me… So I can still talk about them, and love them so they will never be forgotten, they will live on in our hearts. If you are battling through the journey on this extremely difficult path, I hope that my story will give you the strength to contact Sharyn, or as we know her, Shaz, she just might be able to hold your hand too. Love you Shaz, my Blue Heart Friend – because “Blue Love is True Love from Above”


Thank you!!!!!!! I feel sooooo much better after our sessions today. You always say things in a way that clicks. Thank you. Kate-lynn

Thank you so much Sharyn, for everything. I can't tell you the amount of peace and strength you have provided me. So happy we were able to connect. John

Thank you so much for the special time you shared with me. You have helped me SO much this year, Sharyn, more than you will ever know! Nikki
Kate-lynn, John & Nikki

I was referred to Sharyn by a medical nursing sister. Sharyn knew exactly what issues I was struggling with before I even told her anything. What I love about Sharyn is that even though she knew what issues I was facing inside myself, she helped me see them from an objective point of view, so my healing became profound and real. She was able to reach to the core of my problems and help repair the damage that years of anger and disappointment had done to me. Sharyn shared her gift of objectiveness and honesty with me and wrapped it in a blanket of gentleness so that I could receive the true gift of healing, whilst I was shattered with pain. I have honestly no words of thanks that would be equal to the gift she has given me and my family. I can definitely say that without Sharyn, I would not have been able to start rebuilding my shattered life in a new and positive way.


As a longtime client of Sharyn, I’d just like to say that there’s no one quite like her. She’s warm & wonderful, knowledgeable & kind. A reading with her is like talking with your best friend, gran, mom, all wrapped into one person. I have trusted her guidance and insight for some time now & will continue to do so. Hazel

It was so amazing to connect with you Sharyn. Your wisdom and insight was quite healing and comforting. I look forward to reading my soul chart  over and over again. You may be hearing from me soon for another session with more questions. James

Hazel & James

Thanks so much for your encouragement and love!  I always feel blessed and loved when I leave you! Loving my numerology soul chart too! Lucia

Thank you very much for your reading. It makes me feel so good and I just love the messages from spirit with its beautiful content... food for my soul. Maria

Morning Shaz. Thank you soo much for advising me on how to handle things. Today is the first day in ages, that my shoulders feel light and I can breathe properly again. Thank you again for your wise advise. Sending you my love. Amanda

Lucia, Maria & Amanda

Sharyn you have made such an impact on my life you probably don’t remember me but I am the girl who saw you in October on my birthday and spent the session crying . Well everything you said arrived and happened as spoken. You are amazing and gave me new meaning on life and to carry on. For that I will eternally be grateful. Tam

Almost a year since I saw you on my birthday and you changed my life. I now live in X as you said.  You are the reason I made it through the year and impacted my life so much so that I think another reading for my next birthday is important! Tam

Darling Beautiful Shaz, I am in awe and appreciation, thank you ! I am at peace, nothing to push, nothing to pull, stillness and a gentle smile. I look forward to what this new expanded belonging worthy version of me is going to experience. I am truly blessed to know you and I shall be visiting again for a session to peel back those layers. My intention is to live the best life possible in Joy, in Peace, in Bliss, in Love, in Appreciation, in Awe and Wonder at the world I have created. YOU are AMAZING !
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I always thought that Hypnosis was like what they showed on stage, where one would do anything without question and would not be conscience of what one was doing. So I was a little nervous when Sharyn suggested it to me. However I was so desperate to get rid of the emotional pain I was going through, that I would do anything at that point. During the session I was in a relaxed state and my thoughts were not running around my head making me crazy. I could focus on what she was saying and identify my anxieties and release them confidentially. I was surprised that I was conscious of everything and how different I felt afterwards. Sharyn explained that in order to reach a point of where new thoughts and new habits are created, one must be totally relaxed so that the brain can allow new thoughts to form. That made sense to me as I know that I am unable to creative on any level unless I am relaxed. Even after one session my depression had lifted to an extent that people who hardly knew me could actually see a physical difference in my face and body and could not stop telling me how relaxed and happy I looked. For the first time in 3 months I found that the intense feelings of grieving and depression had lifted enough for me to enjoy a weekend with my children, laughing and giggling like old times. I feel more focused, more at ease with myself and more confident that I am able to face my future with a positive and happier outlook. Thank you Sharyn for that, not only have I benefited from the hypnosis, but my children are beginning to get their mother back.


Thank you so much for such a powerful session! You really helped me out to believe in myself the way I know I do but with trust. You have been such a blessing and I am so happy that our paths brought us to each other. Hibz

I wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing incredible session with you, your energy reminds me of my very special friend, it was so cool to feel her familiar safe and motherly energy which is very cool. Thank you for all your advice and encouragement and giving me a little pushy forward on my journey. Oh and my Soul chart blew me away, it’s so accurate that it’s scary! Hayley

Hibz & Hayley

Thank you from the South West corner of my heart for the most beautiful reading I have ever received. You have highlighted THE PROBLEM that I have that is stopping me from realizing my true and full potential. In fact the reading has made such a impact on my life that I have changed how I think, hence what I feel – and therefore what I talk about as well. I have been began committing to waking up at 4.30am daily to mediate. I felt so connected with your guided and I resonated with everything you said. I have never had anything give me such advice that it stopped me in my tracks and made me change direction. I have changed, for the better. I am grateful that it came from you and your beautiful guides. Thank you so much for the time and love you have given to me. Thank you infinitely. May you always be blessed. I am touched. Keep on doing the amazing work you do – being the light that we all need in the world. It is through you that I am going to keep this song on my lips… “This little light of mine….I’m gonna let it shine!” Love & Blessings, Hitesh


To you beautiful Sharyn, I thank u again for everything you have done for me and being the main catalyst to get me back to realising my spiritual path that I am now aware of that I closed myself off to when I was younger. I have re-read my soul letter u gave me this morning, just as I was journaling and asking for guidance. I was once again blown away by what I read, this time understanding so much more than the first few times I read it. These past 4 months I have been catapulted at light speed with learning all about my life purpose. I know now fully what is going on. I am so awakened!!!! Thank u for your gift you have given me. I hardly know you, but I feel like I do. Like you know me better than anyone else. Thank you for filling this space in my life. I am eternally grateful for you. Sending you HEAPS  of love and light and gratitude.


Oh WOW, WOW, WOW our WOW-MOM did it again, what a wonderful experience my hypnotherapy session with Sharyn [Shaz] was last night. Shaz, you proved to me, yet again, your skill as a therapist, is there anything you can’t do? I left you last night feeling rejuvinated and yet totally relaxed, what a bonus after a day at work. Shaz is a dedicated therapist, if you work with her, and do your “homework” great heights can be achieved, I know this because she has walked many roads with me on this journey called “life” BUT hypnotherapy is BLISS, I didnt have to do anything except listen to her taking me on a “holiday”. If you have tried her meditation tapes, you will know what a beautiful voice she has and she makes it so easy to go along for the ride. We worked on my hips last night, I have had problems for a long time now but since I had GBS four years ago I have experienced a lot of pain in my hips. What a treat to get out of her chair and walk straight!!! Even better was when I woke up this morning, free of pain in my hips and I didnt have to walk like a crinkle cut chip until they “warmed” up. Thank you again Shaz for that gift. My only question for you is “WHEN CAN I COME AND PLAY WITH YOU AGAIN?” Lots of grateful love – xxx


Thank you Sharyn. Again I cannot tell you how much you have helped me in the two hours we were together today. I feel as though a life time of pain has been healed and released. It's as though everything is so clear. I can see my pattern and triggers and I'm excited to be able to finally change them. Had I known it was going to be so easy... I wish I had of met you years ago. Bless you. Demi

Hi Sharyn, WOW, wow, wow, our session was so awesome, so positive, so full of love! Just amazing! Thank you! I have been wanting to speak to a counsellor or somebody for a while now just to know I'm not insane... and I just feel so topped up after our time chatting last night. Thank you again. Monique

Demi & Monique

I’ve know Shaz for almost 6 years now, and she is always honest with me about situations I inquire about. When she has told me things I didn’t want to hear, I went to other psychics that did just the opposite; telling me what I wanted to hear. If only I would have listened to Shaz’s insight and knowledge, I would have saved myself from so much heartache and pain, not to mention money. Shaz also cares about her clients. She really listened to me and even recommended books to read. She listened as I cried and offered so much support. I cannot say enough good things about Shaz and her gifts, even though I cry so much when I see her! God Bless you Shaz.


Sharyn – or should I say Earth Angel…. Thank you so much for shedding light on what I actually deep down was kind of aware of but definitely needed the clarity on. Your gift that you gave away on your birthday to us, 5 lucky hat draw winners, was seriously a blessing in my life. It has surprised me and all my friends and family that have read your report – on the accuracy and the absolute knowledge you have of what my life is currently consisting of in every aspect... My struggles and my fears and where my happiness will start. I love that you speak about my Angels being with me as I feel them and speak to them freely all the time – they are my saving grace… Just like you have been with your confirmation of your reading. It is absolutely amazing that you can know me so well without “knowing” me… YOU ROCK! I have told everyone about your lovely site and hopefully they will be wise enough to use the opportunity to have their readings done, otherwise I know what gifts to get them… 🙂 bless you Earth Angel and Thank you! Namaste


Dear Sharyn, I just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday, it was so wonderful to wake up this morning excited about Life and work and what the day will hold instead of wanting to climb back into bed and wait for the day to be over with. I still can’t believe what a profound transformation you were able to create within me in such a short time – I feel completely different, and all my anxiety, worry and tension are GONE! I feel like I can accomplish anything I want now. I guess that’s why they call love the great healer, hey? I feel very blessed to have someone like you come into my life and put me back on the path again. I will definitely come for some hypnotherapy, I think it will do me the world of good and keep me from falling back into any negative thoughts patterns. Have a lovely rest of the week. xxx


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