You have every right to believe that all of your DREAMS are possible. That all of your hopes, wishes, plans… they’re inevitable!

How can you fully believe this now?

Manifesting  your DREAMS is about TAPPING into that version of yourself who ALREADY has everything she wants, and watch how the Universe aligns everything in your path to match your vibration. Manifesting starts with a decision. Which leads to a thought. Which leads to a belief. Which leads to a feeling. Which leads to an identity of already having it. Which leads to the manifestation of whatever you’re focusing on through law of attraction.

It really IS simple. Are you over complicating the process? If so, stop right now and take 3 deep breaths. Everything is happening for your highest good right now. Keep tapping into your potential and never give up faith. The Universe will show up for you in a way that will literally knock your socks off and take your breath away. Just you wait.

It can be easy to lose hope that things will work out for you when you’ve been through repeated let down. I’m here to tell you that they’re not only possible, they’re already in the works. Yes, they’re already unfolding!

Whatever you have been thinking about, asking for… it’s happening. This is your sign. It might not have happened already because things were not lined up in the perfect way for you to receive them. Or maybe you had a few more lessons to learn before you were truly ready for it.

Your job is to let go and receive. Let go of attachment to the who, what, where, when, and how. Your job is to get into a place where you can find a way to believe fully. Know, again, that it is SO inevitable. Because you were able to dream it, you’re able to live it. Life is working out for you. The Universe has your back on this. The puzzle pieces are locking into place one by one.

…and stop trying to figure it all out, the Universe has already done this for you. It knows your biggest dreams. It knows your hearts desires. It knows the easiest path. It knows all of this better than you do. Worry , ANXIETY and doubt only slows things down. Find a way to surrender this. Find a way to fill up your soul with joy, excitement, and anticipation. Asking yourself  on a daily basis  ‘’What is Great about this’’ taps you into the flow of good things on the way to you.