Have you also found how easy it is to forget how very extraordinary — and fleeting— your life really is ?

My son’s death certainly gave me a big wake-up call with this realization. Nothing is guaranteed, and at any moment everything we know could change in an instant. We so easily live as if our days are innumerable, but they’re not!

As I step through the pages of my life I have learned to keep this truth, in my heart, like a starry reminder, of my truth and light. Ryan’s death taught me how to step out of negative mind talk and sad stories. The experience of his loss planted me firmly into the present moment, teaching me to hold every future experience with as much presence as possible. For me it became all about hunting down those pinpricks of star-light between my sorrow and ho-hum tales of woe. Along the way I have found a  gracious Gift – I found my soul mission, which is to make my life extra-ordinary through reaching for the Stars and the Light inside me, and then sprinkle some, as I go!

In the words of Rumi ~ ‘Let us fall in love again and scatter gold dust all over the world.’