‘You can use your intuition to lead you to a life you love. All it takes is letting go and trusting your inner voice’

Over the years I have been asked to explain the difference between my own thoughts and that of Intuition/Spirit. It’s a straightforward answer really, because it’s all a matter of Vibration!

Spirit/Intuition connects with us through the Language of Light. The lighter your thoughts, emotions and mind-set the easier it becomes to differentiate. When we are emotional, depressed or grieving deeply our vibration is denser. It becomes harder to connect to Intuition and to feel the vibration of those in Spirit. Deliberately raising your vibration is paramount to joy and connection with your Source.

When connecting with Spirit you will sense an energetic signature or imprint. As Human beings we too have energetic signatures, which we call “our personalities”. You know how, one is able to describe a friend or partner through their ‘personality?” Well connecting with those in Spirit is much the same.

This is how an authentic medium is able to describe the “personality” of your loved one through the energetic imprint they receive and intuit for you.

When I tune into thought’s, I have learnt to sense the energetic signature, as different to what I know to be my own thought. Sometimes I feel a tingle on my skin, a sense of warmth or coldness, a chill or change in outside room temperature. I am able to really feel into whether this is “me” or the energetic thought of another. Often we ignore our intuition, or the messages from Spirit,  because it seems too obvious and easy to rationalize it away, as being our own thought!

Like anything, it takes a wee bit of practice, learning to differentiate between ‘human thought’ versus ‘spirit thought’, however everyone can do it!

I welcome any questions and hope this short post was insightful and helpful. I would love to hear in the comments section below any techniques and your own thoughts you have around The Language of Light. As always, your point of view could make all the difference to someone in our global community. If you found this post worthwhile please share it on social media.