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StarSeed Awakening [New!]


Below, you have the options of choosing a ‘Starseed Awakening Session’ with me (which includes your personal 100 page ‘Cosmic Code’), or alternatively if you wish to purchase the ‘Cosmic Code’ separately.

  • A Star of Creation Session
  • A Star - Cosmic Code
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A Starseed Awakening Session

Are you ready to embody the MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY of your Infinite Essence?

You are a Star-Seed divine!

Your Soul is divinely eternally infinite.

You are composed of the substance of the stars and the vibrational frequencies that flow through the universe. And what is behind all of this wonderful manifestation? It is a Universal Consciousness that permeates all things and moves through all beings. This Universal Consciousness lives in you and breathes through you.

When you open your Secret Awareness, you will know that the Universe is within you. You will have access to all the knowledge, understanding and all the Universal Love that you have ever been and will continue to be.

You’ve been doing this work for the last few years. You’ve done the courses, you’ve read the books, and you do KNOW that you are a Lightworker & Starseed  here to be in service of the Great Awakening. You’ve always had a hunch that you have some ‘special’ abilities, maybe that you’re not entirely ‘from here’, or you have connections with something beyond this world…

  • Maybe you’ve dabbled here and there – but you haven’t REALLY known how to connect to what you’re really capable of.

  • You feel there’s SO much more to the Universe, and to what it has to share with us, if only you could understand how to HEAR it, to know what to do with it.

  • You’ve gotten nudges, hunches, “divine winks,” and messages for a while now – but have no clue what to do with them.

Are you ready to activate your Multi-Dimensional Galactic self?

If your answer is YES, then you are in the right place.

Starseeds have an inner remembrance and knowing of a different world. A world of peace, harmony bliss and ecstasy that has been forgotten at  their time of birth.

If that little voice inside has been whispering BUT there’s more to me …

you’ll find this session is just what your SOUL has ordered

Imagine the feeling that comes when you suddenly feel SO connected to the cosmos, you KNOW where you came from and why you’re here…

…and you start to TRUST the guidance from that small voice within to show you where you need to go. It’s truly empowering and magical!

Tell me if this sounds like you…

  • You’re at that point in your life where you’re really feeling the urge for your own growth and expression. And it feels very personal.

  • It’s not more education that you need.

  • It’s not about learning new skills.

  • It’s a deep longing to really get to know yourself as a STARSEED DIVINE to live your life in a fuller more meaningful way…

The fact that you’ve read this far also tells me that YOU-  my delightful cosmic friend, are indeed a Starseed , a mission soul with a  very important role to play in this earth experience. There are creations waiting to be birthed by you, people waiting to receive from you and personal councils of light getting really impatient in their eagerness to work with you.

If you’re ready to take that step , your cosmic lineage is  ready to guide you, activate you and bless you with unimaginable gifts that enhance your life in every single way you can imagine, and many that you cannot.

What will you Experience?

An insightful conversation, along with a detailed PDF, exploring your star seed divine blueprint.

Understand your life contract, understand why you here, what’s your purpose and what you intend to leave behind to make the world a better place. Get to know and love your STARSEED Soul. You will feel empowered. Your psychic gifts awakened further and your journey of self-realization will deepen.  We will cover self-care and self-protection as an empath, clearing your energy field, overcoming doubt as well as discovering blockages that may be cutting you off from your power.

  • ​​ Learn about your STAR heritage & STARSEED Frequency.

  • Connect with your SOUL mission.

  • Activate your Personalized STAR  Codes found within your name.

  • Activate your Galactic Multi-Dimensional Aspects.

  • Activate your Third Eye.

  • Upgrade your Nervous System.

  • Learn Grounding techniques.

  • Experience a Soul Star & Earth Star Activation.

NOTE: Your Session may also include an energy attunement, channeled messages, karmic clearing wisdom recovery recall that assists in your awakening.

Disclaimer (click here)

Dearest Sharyn,

Thank you so much for the truly magical STARSEED AWAKENING reading. There are no words to accurately describe how much it resonated with me and how much it made my spirit dance with joy. It felt like home coming for a world weary soul on reading it for the first time! There are countless ‘aha’ moments, rememberings and affirmations of thoughts, feelings and observations I have made throughout my life.  It really felt like I finally have some understanding of all the struggles and heartaches of this incarnation as well as why certain places and situations bring me joy and a sense of peace. The depth of your guidance and insights is so divinely beautiful I often had tears in my eyes and at other times a smile on my face. The words you use were, more than once, verbatim things that I have said or thought and each time I read it I notice something new or significant. The amount of information you have brought forward for me is profound and so meaningful. Thank you my cosmic soul sister! I feel there is another ‘language’ that would express my gratitude better but it doesn’t have words only a vibration of love and grace. (I am sure you can hear it though – from my heart to yours).


I have had the absolute privilege and honour of having had Sharyn hold my hand and guide me through some of the most trying times of my life.  I have not only experienced her phenomenal gift of connecting with the higher realms on more than one occasion but I have also been blessed to be able to experience the wonder of her number magic and her Star seed magic. If you are really looking for something to change the game for you, if you have been on your path but really feel like there is something more and/or something missing, I ABSOLUTELY recommend that you have her STAR SEED report done for you. The accuracy is mind blowing and the understanding that comes from our Star lineage is game changing to say the least. You will walk away far clearer on what your true path is, what your soul is made for and how to action it. I was completely blown away and at the same time totally addicted to reading and re-reading the information. This information is beyond and I am still processing everything that came forward. I truly hope that you make the decision to do this… it will unleash aspects of yourself you are not even aware and it will awaken that which you have forgotten. It will not  just move your forward, it will catapult you forward if you embrace it. Thank you Shazzie for being such a rare Human and for being such a light in this beautiful world of ours!


Now is the time. You are powerful beyond measure. You are loved. You are blessed. The magic is already in you. “May you shine the inborn light that you came here to express!”

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