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Star of Creation


Below, you have the options of choosing the ‘Star of Creation Code Session‘ which includes the ‘Star of Creation Soul-Plan‘ for yourself or as a gift to another. I have also given you the option if you wish to purchase the ‘Star of Creation Soul-Plan‘ separately.

  • A Star of Creation Session
  • A Star of Creation Gift
  • A Star Soul-Plan
  • A Star Soul-Plan Gift
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A Star of Creation Session

This unique Numerology system is based on 22 frequencies of vibration taken from the Hebrew alphabet and Kabbalah. It allows a conscious engagement with your Souls energetic patterning and awakens you to the deeper meaning within your life, both past, present and future. It reveals your energetic patterning physically, spiritually and your level of consciousness. It uncovers how you can embody more of your Higher Self and how the divine flow of spirit weaves into your life creating opportunities for growth and for your soul to express itself.

Your unique Star of Creation Code is a high frequency Ascension Tool of interpretation that assists you to self-master your life and attain a greater connection to your divinity, to live your heaven on earth.

A Star of Creation session is different from the commonly known numerology session which is based on the meaning of numbers. It’s is a way of defining your path by the sound of your name. It works with the Star of David and the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet which is said to express all the aspects of the human consciousness (Numerology works with 9 characteristics and focuses on numbers only). Knowing your Star of Creation Code is empowering, informative and transformational, as it offers you a completely different perspective to your life, unlocking your unique Soul Blueprint that shapes your Soul Signature to live your purpose work and Soul mission.

The universal language of the soul is that of archetypes and these energies whisper your purpose to you at the right time.

Is it your time? What is your soul’s purpose energy? Are you an entrepreneur? A teacher? An intuitive healer? An advocate? A visionary? An awakener? A wisdom keeper? An alchemist? An earth angel? A lightworker?


Live an illuminated life… a life of Trust, Courage, Faith and Purpose, filled with Love, Joy and Magical experiences! This is for people who are ready to finally connect with their true selves and take power over the lower-self. This is for people who have been struggling to connect or stay connected to their higher-self guidance and want to deeply know that they are and always will be Divinely guided. This is for people who are truly ready to open to their spiritual gifts, accept themselves fully and Be an offering that will support others and the global consciousness of Awakening.

Your session will gift you with…

  • A deeper understanding as to why you have experienced all you have.

  • Insight in to what you are naturally good at and the importance of tapping into these.

  • Access to a deeper level of understanding about your Soul.

  • Greater clarity regarding your goals and purpose in life.

  • Awareness of issues still holding you back, and practical guidance to overcome them (if requested).

  • Connection to your overall life purpose.

  • Understanding your Star-Being heritage.

  • A specific Soul Plan healing.

Star of Creation Sessions are an hour & a half, either on Skype, Zoom, or a WhatsApp call.

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