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Support Session


Clarity & Connection (and a little magic).

Sometimes you just need a boost to step into your knowing. As a cosmic conduit, an energy healer, a bridge to magic, and loving human with you on this journey – I can help. Whatever the issue, a support session can offer you SOULutions.

​Support sessions are often REPEAT sessions that connect you to  your own powerful guidance and embrace your true worthiness. Leaving you feeling more hopeful, energized and clear about what’s ahead for you.

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A Soul Support Session





What to expect:

I’m your Soul Supporter, you can connect with me to share your deepest thoughts and I will give you the support you need.

During your session – You are welcome to speak about anything at all. Unload all your troubles, and receive the support you need to heal. Or we can simply chat about life, the ascension, law of attraction, changing your vibration, etc. Answers to questions that you are unsure about, regarding yourself, your relationships, career, life transitions, challenges or anything else preventing you from moving forward. I can shed light on current issues, reveal your gifts, and guide you towards overcoming the challenges that are holding you back.

I can offer clarity and confirmation on important decisions before you take the next step. Expose negative patterns that get in the way of your success, and offer ways to move through and beyond them Guide you to reconnect with your intuition and awaken a new inner awareness Reveal way to step into your power and create a more fulfilling life NOW!

I understand that sometimes there are things that we cannot simply talk to with friends and family or at times we feel lonely and feel like we have no one to talk to or that no one understands. I am here to listen to you from a loving safe place of non-judgement. We will chat, laugh and cry together. We will connect with your Divine Beings of Light to receive guidance for your situation.

Note: I am not a fortune teller. I read energies and I convey messages received. I do not do predictions of your future as we are choosing our journey every second of the day and so there is the element of free will in our journey. I will however guide you on to the right direction and empower you.

A support session can include a mini ‘Snap Shot’ of your Numerology Chart. Your sweet SOUL already has all your answers, we only need to key-in to your sweetest and most fulfilling life.

If this is nudging your Heart, drop me a message and share with me what it is you most needing right now. I’d love to learn more about you!

Possible Side Effects:

Engaging more deeply with yourself, anchoring into your power, protecting yourself energetically, clearing addictions, Your big work in the world takes shape and blossom, resting better, and moving forward with joy and power in your life and work and creativity. Sudden up-level in your channeling ability and intuitive super powers Deep sense of self-love that overflows into the rest of your life. Grounding  firmly into your true self. Acceleration of your timeline Fresh drive and clarity around your big purpose on the planet.

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Your Spirit is your unlimited potential


You make your life so much easier!

The Lighter you feel, The Easier Life is.

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