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Support Session


Are you ready to get started?

Support Sessions include; loving, practically spiritual, and intuitive guidance as you navigate through your life challenges (this includes a mini ‘snap shot’ of your birth code numerology). I would love to work with you, offering everything I’ve got to help you on your journey. Your soul already has all your answers, we only need to key in-  to your your sweetest and most fulfilling life.

IF THIS IS NUDGING YOUR HEART OR SOUL, I’D LOVE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT YOU! Send me a message and we can talk about what you most need right now. You may wish to GIFT this module to someone you love. 

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Soul Sessions Are Deeply Supportive For:

Doing your big work in the world – receiving a promotion, starting an intuitive business, or fueling up your creative tank

  • Finding your romantic partner
  • Helping Empaths navigate the world without overwhelm
  • Physical challenges and low energy
  • Increased abundance and prosperity
  • Bringing more peace and joy into your relationships
  • Finding Your channeling and healing gifts
  • Discovering your super powers
  • Feeling so much better about whatever situation or challenge is in your life right now
  • Seeing a clear way forward

Possible Side Effects:

  • Creative projects take shape and blossom
  • Easily take the next big step toward your life’s work
  • Deeper connection with your  sweet soul
  • Hooking -in  to your channeling ability and super powers
  • Increased peace, joy, and prosperity
  • Inner healing that ripples into exciting outer change
  • Sleep really well that night
  • Inspired artistic flow
  • Clear guidance through challenges
  • Connect with your higher self to receive her wisdom and healing
  • Receive guidance from your spirit team for continued forward motion
  • Energy clearing techniques to help yourself feel peace in the tempest

Walk away stronger, grounded, hopeful – with practical tools and next steps. Feel reborn and re-energized – like you can finally exhale

Guided by Hearts – Fueled by Intuition, Finding Joy & Appreciation

What You Get!

A 60-minute channeled session devoted to you and whatever you most need now.  Bring any questions you have – about  love, life, purpose, relationships, work, creativity, focusing your magic, how to heal yourself or whatever you’ve got – and I’ll channel some guidance FOR YOU!

To create unforeseen opportunities, to show up with miracles, to help you shift your energy or your attitude or mood or belief system in whatever way is needed to usher that THING into your life. You’ll also get valuable snapshot insights into the core issues  found within your numerology soul codes. Shedding light on both the big themes in your life and on the small but constant battles that your names and birth-date can bring.

This snapshot will make it easy to decide if you want to upgrade and order your own 40 page personalized SOUL SIGNATURE BIRTH CHART.

Recieve 1:1 Support With...

  • Healing and releasing the fears, stories and limiting beliefs that have been blocking you.
  • Finding clarity in those areas of your life where you feel overwhelmed, confused and stuck.
  • Creating Compassionate Connection – that feeling of wholeness, joy and contentment that comes from within.
  • Building a loving and empowering relationship with yourself by shifting your self-talk, embracing your body, and creating a tool-kit of self-love practices.
  • Creating self-care routines and rituals that feel grounding, supportive and nourishing, and fill you up from within.
  • Awakening your inner guidance system and tapping into your intuition so it can guide your actions, decisions and goals.
  • Opening up your heart energy so you can experience more unconditional love, acceptance, appreciation, joy, play and expansion.
  • Healing the root cause of your self-sabotage, procrastination and resistance patterns.
  • Slowing down and living with more presence, ease, grace and mindfulness.
  • Releasing pains and wounds from your childhood or past experiences in relationships that are keeping you small and stuck.
  • Embodying your authentic self by truly getting to know who you are, what you love and value and what lights you up.
  • Implementing manifestation and conscious creation practices to intentionally design a life you love.
  • Practising surrender, letting go and forgiveness to release old patterns of control, resentment and attachment that are weighing you down.
  • Taking inspired actions steps that will start getting you moving forward in living out your highest vision.

Ethics & Disclaimer

When purchasing a Soul Session you take full responsibility for all actions undertaken both during and after your session. I will not be held liable for your own understandings or actions, the actions of anyone else in your life or events occurring during/after your session. Your future is very much in your hands – as it should be!