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Support Session


Below, you have the options of choosing my ‘Support Session‘ for yourself or as a gift to another.

  • Soul Session
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Soul Sessions Are Deeply Supportive For:

Doing your big work in the world – receiving a promotion, starting an intuitive business, or fueling up your creative tank.

  • Finding your romantic partner.

  • Helping Empaths navigate the world without overwhelm.

  • Physical challenges and low energy.

  • Increased abundance and prosperity.

  • Bringing more peace and joy into your relationships.

  • Finding Your channeling and healing gifts.

  • Discovering your super powers.

  • Feeling so much better about whatever situation or challenge is in your life right now.

  • Seeing a clear way forward.

  • Creative projects take shape and blossom.

  • Easily take the next big step toward your life’s work.

  • Deeper connection with your sweet soul.

  • Hooking -in  to your channeling ability and super powers.

  • Increased peace, joy, and prosperity.

  • Inner healing that ripples into exciting outer change.

  • Sleep really well that night.

  • Inspired artistic flow.

  • Clear guidance through challenges.

  • Connect with your higher self to receive her wisdom and healing.

  • Receive guidance from your spirit team for continued forward motion.

  • Energy clearing techniques to help yourself feel peace in the tempest.

Walk away stronger, grounded, hopeful – with practical tools and next steps. Feel reborn and re-energized – like you can finally exhale.