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Soul Numerology


This is a once off session that includes your numerology soul blueprint to understand your life purpose/challenges and name energy influencing your life. This session is my most booked, most popular reading, especially if it’s your first time connecting with me. 45 minutes of diving straight into the Heart of YOU, whatever you’re ready to receive, to shift, change, heal or create. This reading is designed to help you understand your blueprint for this incarnation. By determining your personal numbers and learning how to work with them to create change in your life, you activate your numerology blueprint. We will uncover your life purpose, super-powers, and areas of mastery in your life.

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A Soul Numerology Session with me is like a DOWNLOAD of LOVE + LIGHT from the Universe, infused with a blend of intuition and universal divine essence lovingly carried out with the help and support of your Guides, Angels and Ancestors. I’m simply the intuitive translator that unlocks your unique Soul Plan, your Soul Purpose, your Soul Lessons, Challenges and Soul Gifts, providing you with amazing insights found in your name and birth date. Sometimes we download light language into your Cells, sometimes we clear a solid thousand years of Ancestral Patterns, sometimes we hear from your beloveds in the Spirit World, sometimes we bask in Source Love until you feel 100% better. Often in life, we are so wrapped up in the details of our challenges that we don’t see the entire BIG picture of our lives. My work in service to you, helps you to grow a long Giraffe neck and a big heart as I offer you. Aerial Views, Fresh Insights, Clarity, Confidence, Gentleness, & Self-Love, along with kisses on your sweet heart.

This reading is ideal if you have several questions or areas you’d like to explore and gain a clear understanding of what is most aligned with your Soul and how to create what you want. During your session I may, if needed, energetically clear any blocks that could be inhibiting the flow of abundance, success, or love in your life.

Once we have established a time and date, we connect either via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or other video supporting apps which you may prefer, so settle into a comfy spot with and notebook close by. I will have prepared your Numerology Chart ahead of your session. Once the session begins I’ll share all of the information with you, you can ask questions related to areas in your life where you needing insight and guidance on, we’ll talk about new empowered choices you can make going forward.

Areas we touch on…

  • Your unique Soul Profile – your gifts, talents, and where to find your flow.

  • Understanding your life Lessons.

  • Insight from your Guides, Angels, and Ancestors on how you can create a life that is aligned with who you truly are & the energies that can help you do this.

  • The blocks, patterns, karmic issues, any restrictions keeping you from fully expressing your Soul-Self and why you struggle with the same issues again and again.

  • Profound energetic clearing work to dissolve these patterns.

  • Guidance on how to take action that aligns you with your authentic nature and expression going forward.

  • Life, Love, Work, Health – Whatever Is Showing Up For You Now. I’ll check into the Divine Guidance and bring in something that will help you take the next step.

  • Your Soul Gifts – I’ll look up your Soul Blueprint & your primary soul gifts. This is the key to your abundance and where you’ll find your flow. We’ll talk about how you can embrace these gifts and what’s possible when you’re living in alignment with them. This information alone is a huge game-changer.

  • Life Lessons – Learn what theme your soul chose to experience in your current lifetime. We’ll talk about how life lessons ‘work’ and how this theme is showing up for you. We’ll also discuss more empowering choices you can make to experience your life lesson in a positive way.

  • Blocks & Restrictions – We’ll dive deep into your soul’s history to discover the energetic blocks and restrictions you’ve created. Your reading will reveal information about these past lives in order to uncover the root causes of patterns that aren’t serving your Soul. You gain an understanding of the choices you made & the part you played.

  • Power Of Change – It’s extremely freeing & empowering to understand that we’re never victims of randomness – you always have the power of choice to change your experiences for the better. but we experience the difficulties they continue to generate. If you’ve ever wondered why you keep experiencing the same roadblocks, and fighting the same battles, this information will explain a lot.

  • Energetic Clearing & Healing in your Karmic Blueprint – Your reading may include a deeply healing energetic clearing of all the blocks and restrictions we uncover. This is like hitting the reset button. This clearing is done during our session, so you can relax in knowing that your guides and spiritual helpers have your back and continue to take care of this work for you in the higher realms.