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When you discover your numerological destiny, life purpose, life lessons, strengths and possibilities, and how to apply them in direct harmony with the Universal Law of Attraction, it allows you to create a life by design that truly resonates with your highest potential. By blending Numerology with the Law of Attraction you cover both ends of the spectrum and have everything you need to manifest your dreams with greater ease.

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Personalized Numerology Readings

​Everything in life has an energetic vibration, including your date of birth and your name, which can be broken down to a numerological value. By using Numerology you can discover more about yourself, your hidden talents and your drive so that you can be more in-tune with all parts of you, making way for a more fulfilling life experience.

When combined with the Universal Law of Attraction, numerology can help you to reach your highest potential with greater ease. Where numerology will uncover your destiny and life purpose – the Law of Attraction can help you fulfill it! When you know who you are; why you’re here; where you’re going; and why you think, feel, and behave the way you do, you’re able to stand in your full power, which raises your energy vibration and enables you to improve the circumstances of your life.

This is an insightful  reading using a specific numerology chart I have designed myself. Your  reading identifies and elaborates on the following aspects of your personal numerology:  Your Life Path Number, Birthday Number, Soul Number, Destiny Number, Karmic Lessons, Karmic Debts, Current Challenge and Personal Year. It also includes your current personal year. This reading will also give you the Chakra’s, Crystals and stones  that vibrate to your LIFE PATH and Name.

These readings are typically around 20  pages in length.  Each reading is personally calculated and compiled (They are NOT computer-generated readings).

When ordering your Personalized Numerology Reading, you will be asked to provide your full birth date, your full birth certificate name, and the name you go by now (first and last). Please also specify the email address you would like the reading sent to.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is an intuitive, inspiring, and insightful modality for self-understanding, life improvement and life direction. It is a tool and a method for personal development, self-awareness and understanding your life’s journey.

It answers those often asked questions, “who am I?”, “what is my purpose in life?”, and, “what is the meaning of life?”

It is based on your full name at birth and birth date details.

Numerology can show you how to:

  • Build a new inner life,
  • Improve your self-worth,
  • Change and challenge negative thinking,
  • Learn and utilize self-help tools for managing stress, anxiety & depression,
  • Reconcile and heal past issues and build lasting happiness from the inside out.

A Numerology Reading is like a love letter from  your Soul , an exercise in self-love;   giving  you practical tools and the step-by-step guide you need to make-over, do-over, and re-boot your life from the inside out.

Pythagoras, the mathematician, accredited as the father of western Numerology, believed everything and everyone in the Universe could be defined and explained through numbers.

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Did You Know!

Did you know that you’re LIFE PATH numbers 1- 9 reveal what your SOUL came here to learn?

Life-Path 1: Self-confidence, do you want to learn how to believe in yourself?

Life-Path 2 : Self-love, do you want to learn how to nurture yourself?

Life-Path  3 : Self-expression, do you want to learn how to express your feelings, your creativity, your true self?

Life-Path 4 : Self-discipline, do you want to learn how to plan, prioritize, and act in your own best interests?

Life-Path 5 : Self-discovery, do you want to learn how to go with the flow, and how to feel the fear & do it anyway?

Life-Path 6 : Self appreciation, do you want to learn how to love yourself inside and out, unconditionally?

Life-Path 7 : Self-awareness, do you want to get to know and understand yourself & find your own inner truth?

Life-Path 8 :Self management, do you want to feel empowered & learn how to be the architect of your own life?

Life-Path 9 : Self-sacrifice, are you ready to live your meaningful life & learn how to give something up in service of the greater good?

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Sharyn Ann McNeil is an Intuitive Soul Coach & Professional ‘Law Of Attraction’ Numerologist. She has spent over 3 decades exploring her spirituality/creativity along with ways to channel those gifts into an abundant and beautiful life. Having studied a degree in Metaphysical Sciences, along with a Healing Touch CHTP certification, is a registered Hypnosis, Grief, & Breathwork Practitioner. She uses her intuitive gifts to support a variety of ways realigning her clients with their Soul’s purpose & blueprint.

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