Creative Art ‘Soul Maps’

Creative Art ‘Soul Maps’


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A Soul Map reading is much more than a standard Numerology reading. In addition to receiving a detailed Numerology ‘Soul Love Letter’, you receive a Visual Creative Art Map. You will have a new & unique insight into yourself through your name & birth date, where you will learn about who you are on a Soul level. A Soul Map serves to guide you, almost like a VISION BOARD that you can visually see all your important personal numbers that you vibrate to.

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Uncover the Blueprint of your Life!

You will receive your completed map – a high-resolution .jpg or PDF file plus a 20 page love letter from your Soul, within 21 days (often much sooner). I will also provide you with an intuitive insights I received while creating your SOUL map and suggested ways to use your map to reconnect to and further activate your soul gifts. With a ‘Soul Map’ Reading you uncover the blueprint of your life’s mission. You can then explore, embrace and align yourself with your innate greatness & potential, and live your ultimate life.

About Your Map

Have you ever wished you could get some perspective on your life? To see the story of your life so far from a different angle – and get some insights to help you improve your life in the future?

Are you searching for an intentional visual representation of your SOUL Journey, here on earth , a reflection of your soul’s purpose, your gifts and challenges that you came with, a healing tool and a gift of INSIGHT that will empower your Divine gifts?

Then I have the BEST EVER  item for you, to hang on your wall, the STORY of YOU!

Imagine for a moment that you were born with a magical map that could guide you through your life. Unlike a typical flat road map that doesn’t change when you look at it, your map is multidimensional, unique to your soul, and—here’s the best part—you can interact with it. Your “life map” is filled with all the information your birthdate and your name.

Commission me to DRAW up your SOUL MAP, a lovely colorful hand drawn  map detailing why you are here in “earth school,” what “classes” you signed up for (what you’re here to learn, what you’re here to do, what obstacles or challenges you have chosen to experience in order to better traverse your path, what gifts and assets you have to utilize, etc.), what karmic debts you must overcome, why you specifically chose the cast of characters (from costars to supporting roles to cameo appearances) who appear in your life movie as your greatest allies or worst enemies and everything in between.

Your special SOUL MAP  can  help you gain new insights about yourself – and then you can use these to make the rest of your life even better.

I’d love to create a map for YOU!