Easing Depression


Feeling supported, listened to and understood is one of life’s most healing experiences. Whilst this meditation can also be useful on its own, it also forms part of the Grief & Trauma collection (Part 4 in the 6 part series).

Duration 17.45


Each event in our life, every relationship from our past holds a sacred part of us that we may have lost due to trauma and grief, we disconnect and eventually become our pain. This imagery will take you on a journey back to your aching heart where you discover that everything lost is still alive within you, guiding you to experience, understand, tolerate and move beyond the pain, the isolation, the terror, the shame, the despair from past and present trauma and grief.

Restore a sense of well being hope and growth, purpose, connection and an inner goodness. Not by reliving the trauma but shifting perceptions through repeated listening.

Working through this meditation will promote feelings of ease and acceptance associated with stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, fear, grief and trauma, evoking compassion and empathy, encouraging feelings of safety and support within you.

My own personal journey of loss to transition to healing, where at times what felt to me like an irreparably shattered sense of self, my journey of hopelessness, helplessness, desperation, despair and pain taught me to cope, to get a handle on my life. I was certainly tested, taken to the edge of the cliff where I jumped and found my own inner strength and power. There is acceptance now, there is grace, there is recovery. The special ones I have loved and thought I had “lost” are my heroes, they taught me commitment and courage, this CD is filled with the energy of their gentle yet powerful voices, I salute them. May you too recover and transcend your pain as you uncover your own special gifts, strengths and blessings that only a true survivor can!

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