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This service is for you to ask me a specific question that you need guidance on.

This reading will be done through me bringing up and analyzing your birth chart, along with using my intuitive channeling.

Please email me your question and your date of birth, along with the date of birth of any other persons who you are asking the question about. If I am unable to give an answer to the question that has been asked I will allow you to ask another.  The reading will be sent to your email address within 7 days of purchase. You may wish to GIFT this module to someone you love. 



Ask a question about life, work, relationships, anything you want or need, and I’ll help you find your own answer in a way that helps you gain confidence in your own internal guidance and powerful intuitive GPS.

Drop in any question you have – about life, work challenges, relationships, health, creative projects, focusing your magic, protecting your energy, writing, your path, whatever you’ve got – and I’ll channel guidance for you. Sometimes you’ll get answers, sometimes you’ll get guidance on how to find your own answers. Either way, you’ll feel lighter and ready to move forward.

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