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Divine by Design


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  • A Divine by Design Session
  • Divine by Design Soul-Plan
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A Divine by Design Session

Awaken – Remember – Reclaim

Embracing the DIVINE GODDESS Within

One of the most empowering journeys you’ll experience as a woman is taking time just for you to uncover the ancient FEMININE POWER that breathes your veins, shines through your eyes and blesses the world through your unique expression. Within your name is found a profoundly wise, profoundly real and profoundly powerful story of who you are at your core. Beyond the stories, self-doubt and self-sabotaging patterns.

Before you entered this Earth plane, you wrote your story from the “world between the worlds” and placed in your blueprint the tools, the magic, the power, the strength, the courage, and everything else you need to successfully journey through your epic life tale. Your Sweet SOUL carries a  treasury filled with Divine Wisdom of the feminine and the magical ways of the Goddess. When you understand your unique code written into your birth name, your unique numerical vibration, you unlock the creativity of the goddess, the courage of the warrioress, and the consciousness of the Divine Feminine to become the kind of LOVE that creates new worlds.

A Divine by Design session invites  a deep sense of understanding, of validation, a sense of knowing and belonging and self-acceptance. I will support you in remembering a forgotten a, yet potent and powerful part of yourself, activating  unique impactful  codes within you, bringing that impact ONLINE in your life, your loves, your world.  Awakening your SOUL into deep intuition and self-trust.

This session, is an hour journey to explore your divine feminine coding.  The answer to your SOULS deep longing for remembrance and reclaiming your divine femininity, along with a beautifully crafted PDF to understand your divine design more fully. One beautiful  session of Reclaiming yourself , inviting energetic activations into your highest purest soul frequency as we deep-dive into the sweet divinity of your femininity.

This is such a special time in sacred feminine consciousness. Collectively, we are leaving behind the stories of “the broken woman”, “the damaged woman”, “the less than deserving woman”. We are now walking past our hurts and wounds and rising up to the LIGHT of our sacred feminine practice of self-worth, self-love and self-care. Every woman on this planet, at this time is being called to Remember & Reclaim her Unique Impact.

This is the REVOLUTION of our times. Rising to meet your heart’s deepest longings. And Rising to meet the calling you feel burning inside, to make a difference & leave this world a better place.

There is so much magic waiting for you. If you feel called to remember exactly who you are and what you are capable of I would love to connect with you. My work can support you on the journey of creating deep, lasting real change in your life.

Ready to Step into your calling? To unlock your knowing of who you truly are?

It is time. Are you ready to RISE IN YOUR LIGHT?

Note: This session is a LIGHT ACTIVATION.

When you step into your DIVINE DESIGN, you activate your connection to your SOUL specifically to guide you into Deep Remembrance. Into your Fierce Self-Trust. Into your Bold Confidence.

The Absolute Knowing that you are DIVINE BY DESIGN and that each step is sacred & steeped in wisdom and love.

YOU will experience:

  • Remembering your unique medicine & divine feminine impact in the world.

  • Reconnecting to the divine feminine and goddess energy guiding you.

  • Learning your personal soul ray that imbues your divine femininity.

  • Soothing the anxiety of feeling like you not enough.

  • Activating more fully into your DIVINE FEMININE power.

  • Reclaim the sacredness of your feminine essence & gifts.

  • Healing the wound of the *hurt * feminine within.

  • You want life to feel amazing. You are so ready for your life to feel safe, feel joyful, feel exciting. Your heart wide open, love and excitement about life beaming out.

  • You want to use your internal guidance to be able to easily manifest more of what makes you happy.

  • You’re ready to focus in on your relationship with yourself and prioritize self-connection and soul-connection practices so you can feel deeply connected to your heart and soul.

  • You will know how to unlock your wisdom to bless humanity, and the world.

Being a woman means differently. It means there is a depth to us – an endless source of deep wisdom, deep compassion, an experience of a deep love and joy in life, of true connections with others, of seeing beyond the surface into the heart of what really matters. It is a deep well of magic. A sacred essence within – and it needs to be nurtured.

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